Chester Revisited

Today we tested my new disabled bus pass and went for a day out in Chester!

We havent been there for YEARS! Its changed quite a lot, all the shops are different but the layout is the same. I was sad to see that the craft shop by the Roman Walls is no longer there! 😦 Its now some trendy bistro!

It took us 1 and half hours to get there on the bus – kinda like going on a coach trip! Knackering as I dont like to sit still for too long! While on the bus it rained really hard but once we got there the sun came out and it cleared up which was a bonus!

We got dinner from the evil food giant McDonalds and went for a walk around the city, we even managed to go up on the wall for a bit and along the side of the canal.

All that way and apart from dinner and some chocolate all we bought was some fruit from the fruit shop! Mind you it is nice fruit! Its a proper fruit shop right by the bus station – you dont see them very much these days as they are going out of business because of the supermarket giants.

Next time we are going to stay by the river rather than the shops as it will be better for Harry and go for a walk along the Groves and across to Grosvenor Park.

In all it was a very manic day but a welcome change from the usual routine, its good to get out and blow away the cobwebs.

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