Visit To Frodsham

Yesterday we went to Frodsham for the day. A very small quaint town just outside Chester, we drove through it last week on the bus and it looked interesting so we decided to come and visit it. The town is very old and almost every building is listed with original oak beams, thatched cottages and the original windows and doors! Its like going back in time.

Harry really enjoyed it, especially in Castle Park, its only a small park but theres loads of wild squirrels running around which Harry just LOVES to chase and bark at!! She was so excited she was panting with her tongue hanging out!

It was a really nice day weather wise which was a huge bonus! So nice we sat outside Costa Coffee with a pot of Earl Grey Tea for two 🙂

Also managed to get stocked up on lots of fresh fruit and veggies too as there is a great independant fruit shop there and the prices are brilliant! It makes a refreshing change to be able to purchase vegetables and fruit singly if you wanted rather than humungus prepacked bags of them!

While we were there we discovered theres a walk you can do called the Standstone Trail from Frodsham which goes up to the top of Frodsham Hill! I picked up a leaflet about it from the Bears Paw and we have promised ourselves that we are going back to do it!

While doing a search online I came across a photo gallery where someone has uploaded photos of Frodsham and the Sandstone Trail – it looks nice!

Cant wait to go climbing up that hill!


3 thoughts on “Visit To Frodsham

  1. May I suggest trying The Cottage Tea Shop which is situated near the Bears Paw, it is a very nice little establishment, the food and service is a high standard, also it has some pictures of Frodsham from years gone by.

  2. I just found your alterenate blog & was reading thru. The pix of Frodsham were so pretty. My hubby & I visited England 10 yrs. ago but didn’t get to spend near enough time to see more beautiful sights. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful pix.
    visitor from Oregon, USA

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