2 Great Dvds

This week we got 2 great DVDs from our online dvd rental club which I thought were fantabulousa! I thoroughly enjoyed them both!

Movie # 1 – Elizabeth – The Golden Age

This movie follows on from the first movie which saw Cate Blanchett take on the role of young Elizabeth taking the throne for the first time.

In the Golden Age we join Elizabeth at her most famous stage in her historic reign.

Cate acts the part beautifully with grace and and strengh, you cant imagine any other actress playing the part, its as if she IS Elizabeth.

We see her meet Sir Walter Raliegh for the first time, and how she secretely loved him and banished him to prison when he fell in love with her consort Bess who fell pregnant and married him.

We see her tortured by the decision to have Mary Queen of Scots beheaded for treason and the start of the inevitable holy war launched by the Spanish and their towering ships and how they are defeated.

History has always been a favourite subject of mine and in particular I loved learning about the Kings and Queens of England. The Elizabethean era has always held a great fascination with me so I loved this movie to be able to see all the things I knew about come alive and reinacted on the silver screen.

Dvd #2 – The Interview

This was a surprising one! I wasnt sure what Id make of it from the description of the film but thought Id give it a try and see!

It was actually superb! Another great part by Sienna Miller – the last movie I saw her in was The Factory Girl and I enjoyed that film a lot which was why I decided to rent this movie thinking it might be good?

The plot of the film starts with an ageing has been political journalist who is really pissed off because his editor has forced him to interview a rising starlett actress – he considers the job beneath him and treats the whole thing as a joke and with contempt.

Sienna Miller’s character comes across as very naive and stupid, very up themselves, infact her character is very atypical of a lot of famous people we see in the media and you can in a way see why the interviewer hates her.

But there are hidden depths to her character and the interviewer soon finds himself drawn into her world and is entranced by her and cant get away from her.

Theres more to this story that meets the eye – it has a fabulous twist which I wont spoil for you should you decide to rent it too! Just rent it – you wont be sorry!


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