Ive Been Tagged

I see a little madam has gone and tagged me 🙂 Best get my thinking cap on and see what I can come up with 😉

Ive been tagged by Madame Rosie and for this Ive got to come up with a list of 6 weird things about myself – and also tag 5 others in return so here goes…

Weird Fact #1 – I cant stand the smell of cooking liver – it makes me wanna puke and I literally gag when I can smell it cooking.

Weird Fact #2 – I love to dip sandwiches into hot coffee – toast is also nice but sandwiches are better – particular mushroom pate sandwiches….YUMMY!

Weird Fact #3 – Not really a weird fact, but my favourite flavour of tea is Earl Grey – Marks & Spencer Fair Trade is my favourite brand as its nice and strong. Best served in a tea pot, brewed for about 5 minutes with a splash of milk.

Weird Fact #4 – Ive been a vegetarian since I was 20 – Im now 40 so thats 20 years without eating fish & meat. But I really miss and very often crave for the taste of prawns and fish – I couldnt eat them though! Its torture walking pass a fish and chips shop sometimes!!

Weird Fact #5 – I only wear cotton clothes! I dont wear leather at all nor use it in any shape or form – even the dogs collage is synthetic.

Weird Fact #6 – I hear music in my head all the time and often burst into song – pretty strange when you consider Ive not been able to actually hear music since my early 20’s because Im deaf! I actually went deaf when I was 2 years old but my hearing loss got worse over the years, when I was younger I could hear some music with my hearing aids and had a real love of music. I can no longer hear music anymore but that doesnt matter because I hear it all the time inside my head!

Thats my list of facts, now Ive got to tag 5 others, heres my tagged list:







2 thoughts on “Ive Been Tagged

  1. Thanks for playing Trish! Fascinating, especially about music… who’d have thought that was possible? I’m going to feature you on Inspirational Craft Blogs too – more people should have their lives changed by you – in the very positive way that I have!!
    Have a great weekend! Rosie 😉

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