The Brave One

This is another dvd we have just recieved from our Dvd rental club which I really enjoyed! Jodie Foster never fails to dissapoint, Ive followed her career for years and have loved all of the movies she has starred in.

In this film Jodie plays a young woman who is out walking her dog with her fiance one night and is brutally beaten in a gang attack which almost kills her, sadly her lover doesnt survive the attack.

She awakes several weeks later from her coma which was induced by the attack to learn the love of her life is dead. Racked with grief she tries to carry on but she is now living half a life, a life in fear of eveything around her.

She doesnt recognise herself anymore, its like a different person woke up from the coma as the person she was before died along with her fiance.

In a bid to feel safer she goes out to buy a gun for protection, realising she cant have a gun straight away as she doesnt have a license she buys one on the black market.

From that moment she feels empowered and is no longer living in fear, she can go out again and be among the living, but it also has its drawbacks as she finds she isnt afraid to USE the gun! And she takes revenge whenever she feels threatened or put in a dangerous position.

I wont say much more as I’ll start to give the plot away but this movie is compelling! I really enjoyed it. It made a great change to see a woman playing the lead role in basically what is a ‘revenge’ type of movie – most movies in this genre are played by tough guys. Jodie acts her socks off and was made for this part, while she comes across as tough she also shows a very softer part to the character too which I dont think would come across so well had it been a male actor instead.


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