Walton Hall Gardens

Yesterday we went to Walton Hall Gardens just outside Warrington, it took 2 buses to get there but in total the bus ride was only 40 minutes which is good going!

Walton Hall & Gardens is situated in Lower Walton which is part of what is known as ‘Lewis Carrol Country’ because it is where Lewis Carroll lived and wrote his famous novels ‘Alice In Wonderdland’. Infact Lewis was a regular visitor to Walton Hall Gardens and it is said that it is from there where he got inspiration for his books.

The weather was perfect, I think Spring has finally arrived because the sun was shining, the sky was blue and all around you could see flowers in bloom and leaves a plenty! Heaven!

We had our lunch in the Victorian Walled Gardens as there was plenty of benches to sit upon and it was nice and secluded and no dogs running loose to bother us. The gardens are amazing with a Japanese inspired section with waterfalls and Koi Carp in a pond – some of which are HUGE monsters!!

Once lunch was eaten we decided it was time to walk it off! In the visitors office we found a leaflet about a local 2 and half mile walk around the area so off we went! The walk was a good one, it took us all around Appleton Resevoir and also up the hillside to Hill Cliffe which had some stunning views and back along the Bridgewater Canal. It was a good workout with plenty of fresh air – just what the doctor ordered and of course Harry loved it!

After all that walking we needed a good cup of tea, I didnt like the look of all the unfriendly vending machines in the Walton Hall Coffee Shop so instead we followed the signs and went to the cafe in the Golf Course nearby where the tea was cheaper and served by a real live person!

We had a bit of time to kill while waiting for the bus home so we treated ourselves to Ice cream with a 99 flake – any excuse for chocolate!

In all a fab day in Wonderland! I can see us going regulary because its so near and the walks are amazing.

Found a website all about the history of Walton Hall on Google which is really interesting:



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