All That I Am Journal Page

I finished off a art journal/sketchbook page last night using the latest Expressive Junk Journalling Prompt as my inspiration. The theme is ‘All That I Am’ has been rolling round in my brain for about a week now and Ive been pondering on what to do for it. In the end it came to me – LOVE! That is the very basis of our foundations and makes us who we are. So I decided to make my page about that. I watercoloured the sketchbook page first with deep purples and then took an acrylic painted background I had and cut out a heart shape with scissors – I dont bother drawing the hearts first I just chop them on the fly as it makes them more serendipity that way. I layered the heart onto the page with a stamped border and a gold printed card background which I liked and then started doodling and journalling on the page which you can now see below –

(click on the thumbnail to view it full size)


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