aRt dEco bOok sWap

On one of my groups we have all signed ourselves up for an aRt dEco bOok sWap where you have to decorate pages in everyones deco book using any theme but each page MUST feature the word ‘ART’ as part of the over all design! My favourite theme to work with 🙂

Well I must say we have some eager beavers in this group because I havent even sent my book pages out yet and Ive already recieved Ms Adriennes and Ms Fionas pages to decorate!! Im not complaining cos I love making art – bring it on is my motto 🙂

Heres what I did for Ms Adriennes book:





Here are my efforts for Ms Fionas Book:






2 thoughts on “aRt dEco bOok sWap

  1. Oh, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE what you’ve done for my page!!! Fiona’s page is pretty neat, too!

    HOW long do I have to wait until I see it in person????

    tapping of feet, tapping of feet…

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