Art Journalling Revival

Ive been catching up on some Art Journalling this week in my Sketchbook as I have neglected it for a while due to swap commitments and other things. Ive had so much fun doing this! Last night I had to stop because I got hand cramp and couldnt move my fingers any more!!

Ouch! Im paying for it today as my fingers are very tender but hey – I like to suffer for my art 😉

Heres some bits and pieces Ive been journalling in my book along with the info and stuff:

 Women Who Arent Afraid Journal Page – I did this page about women who I admire, its not really finished as I keep remembering names of people Ive missed off!


 Art Makes Me Happy Journal Page – a page dedicated to how Art or more to the point making art makes me feel.


Things I Adore Journal Page – A scrawly messy page where I just went ott with the dots and doodles!


Best Foot Forward Journal Page – A page dedicated to one of my other passions in life – WALKING!



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