Interesting Week

Its been an interesting week since I last posted on my blog as we have been off on our travels again via the local bus services 😀

One visit was to Dunham Massey in Altrincham which was blooming fantastic! We had a wonderful day there, Harry really loved it. Lots of countryside to walk in and the best part about it was that in Deer Park there was all these wild deer wandering around! They were prancing, running, eating and just sitting in the sunshine! They looked gorgeous and we could see them right close up! Harry didnt know what to make of them as they had huuuge antlers!!

On another trip we went to to Lymm Damm which is a quaint old village about half an hours drive from Warrington centre. Theres a damm which isnt very big and a little village and of course walks along the Bridgewater Canal and the Trans Pennine Trail which go on for miles and miles – we was out for HOURS there.

Brilliant days out 🙂


One thought on “Interesting Week

  1. Loved the flickr album link and have bkmkd it… what lovely places you have been visiting, Trish. Lucky you! 🙂

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