Idiot Dog Owners

Dog owners who cant keep their dogs under control really piss me off!

They are the bane of our lives. We have a small Jack Russell Terrier who is terrified of big dogs, she is so scared that she pulls out of her collar and tries to run away – imagine if she got run over by a car while trying to escape from a big dog? It doesnt bear thinking about.

So whenever we see a big dog – FACT – all dogs bigger than a Jack Russell equals a BIG dog…we pick her up. Or more to the point I pick her up and then walk away from the stupid loopy dog.

What really REALLY pisses me off the most is these dog owner who have their dogs loose and not on their leads have the cheek to then turn around and tell ME off like I am doing something WRONG!

Hello? Im only trying to look after my own dog which I might add is under my control. Unlike them!

They let their 20 foot dogs loose which wont leave us alone, they weigh about 10 stone and try and jump up to get to our dog and pratically knock me over in the process and cover me in lovely wet muddy paw prints and then the owner turns round and informs me ‘It just wants to play’….

Wants to PLAY? How do you define PLAY? Terrifying the living daylights out of our dog is playing?

Or they tell me I should put my dog down so that their dog wont jump all over me…..hello?? If I put my dog down your dog will jump all over my dog instead?

Why do you always pick it up? One of them once asked me – why do they always have their over sized mongrel loose and allow it to bother us and jump all over us?

One dog owner actually told us we should get a life!! Ha bloody ha! He should try keeping his stupid dog under control for a change!

These people actyally kid themselves that their dogs are under control, and that their dogs are soft and playful. Im sure they are soft and playful and butter wouldnt melt in their smelly dog mouths. But our dog does NOT know that. She is still terrified of them!

Another thing that amused me about these dog owners is that whenever they walk past us they start doing the ‘waving arms’ at their dog to make it come trick as if by some magic and mind control the dog actually knows what the ‘waving arms’ trick actually means.

Im sorry to tell you but the lastest modern day invention called the ‘invisible dog lead’ doesnt work!!!

These dog owners always have a lead in their hands – so why the bloody hell cant they just click their dog onto it for 5 seconds while we get past them and away from them without having their stupid mutt jump all over us!

Rant over….


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