Sweetpeas Deco Book

Yesterday I recieved Sweetpeas Deco book in the mail to decorate from Ms Maggi for a swap we are in on another group (so many groups, so little time!) Chrissy and Maggi had already decorated their pages in the theme of Art, so I figured I might as well follow the crowd and go with the very same subject – it just so happens its one of my favourite subjects too 🙂

Im an addicted doodler so I decided to use the black pages which were already there as my canvas and got out my trusty white pen and got scrawling 🙂

Heres the front part I did – its got a lift up flap for standing the book up with which is visible through a little window on the page so I decided to try and incorporate it into the doodle design:


This is the back page which I did, again more doodling and scrawling – I hope Ms Pea will forgive me!



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