Adriennes Deco Book Page

Im in a small deco swap with some friends, one of whom is Ms Adrienne who set us the challenge to use Sheer Heaven SOMEHOW on our pages for her book.

After much thought I decided to opt for the easy stamp in gesso method which is what I did!


swirly background you can see below is the clear gesso which I stamped with – it created a lovely raised texture which once dried enabled me to swipe over the top with a vivid pink dye inkpad (marvy matchables) to create a lovely bright resist.


This is the back page I did for Adriennes Deco book, the swirl background was stamped with black gesso and I then swiped over with blue ink then used a white pen to outline the swirls. I then added a doodled sign in panel in the middle.



3 thoughts on “Adriennes Deco Book Page

  1. Certainly can use white gesso 🙂 Any type of gesso will work for this, it dries to a lovely raised finish too. If you dont have sheer heaven you can use vellum or even tracing paper!

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