Art Squared Pages For Adrienne

I can now share with you these pages I made a few weeks ago for a top secret project!

Many moons ago Ms Annie emailed me to ask me when it was Ms Adrienne aka ‘Bossy Boots’ birthday, it just so happened that it wasnt too far off!

Ms Annie wanted to create a project for Adriennes birthday to show how much we appreciate her as both a friend and also as one of our moddys on Next Generation Stampers and CCSWAPS groups.

And so the ‘Page For Adrienne’ campaign was born…

Annie contacted everyone in her address book and also members of CCSWAPS and members from the NGS Deco Swap List too and asked everyone to make a single page for Adrienne in of 5″x5″ square format.

Once we made our pages we had to send them to Annie, who collected the pages and made the pages into a wonderful handmade book with her friend Karen the fearless Bind It All art puncher!

A fantastic project for a fab person! If you are a member of Next Generation Stampers you can see scans of ALL the artwork that everyone made for this wonderful book.

Heres the pages I made for Adriennes book below:








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