Jobsworth Awards

Remember every Sunday on BBC 1 watching Esther Ranzten on Thats Life?

I used to love that program, my favourite parts where the ‘Get Britain Singing’, the funny stories and typos out of the local newspapers and of course the covetted ‘Jobsworth Awards’! They used to have a jobsworth cap which they would award to companies for either not doing their jobs properly or for taking their jobs a little too far…

I did a search on Wiki about Jobsworth and this is what they say…..

A jobsworth is a person who uses his or her job description in a deliberately obstructive way, “a minor factotum whose only status comes from enforcing otherwise petty regulations”.[1] The term comes from the phrase “I can’t do that, it’s more than my job’s worth.”

I would like to nominate our local housing association ‘Helena Housing’, who also happen to be our landlords for the Jobsworth Award! They are perfect contenders if the description above is anything to go by!!

Every year they send round gas service engineers to service our non existance gas supply! I have tried arguing with them till Im blue in the face that they are wasting manpower sending someone round to us because WE DO NOT HAVE ANY GAS SUPPLY…..but do they listen?

Do they bugger it!

They say we HAVE to let them in to service the gas (despite not having it) otherwise they are entitled to take us to court and get a court order which allows them to come into our home!

I despise being threatened in this manner but you cant argue with fools!

Their reasoning as to why they still need to come in every 12 months even though we havent got gas is to make sure we ‘havent changed our minds’ and got the gas installed within the last 12 months!

If we havent had the gas switched on in 20 years we are not likely to suddenly wake up tomorrow morning and get it switch on are we?


Its no secret Im deaf, thats why I dont have the gas installed, I just dont feel safe around gas as I cant hear it and I would be terrified of accidently leaving an appliance on when I went out. With electricity I can SEE if its on or not and I can switch it off properly at a plug, unlike gas.

Try telling Helena Housing that!

Helena Housing the Jobsworth Award is all yours!

Why did they take Thats Life off the air? Bring it back! We miss the singing dogs and the funny shaped crisps!


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