More Travelling

Hasnt the weather been gorgeous this past week! Ive been loving it! Though I must admit that my shoulders got a little bit sensitive to being exposed to the sun even though I had loads of factor 30 on! I didnt want to burn them to a crisp so Ive kept them covered for the past few days – getting a tan isnt worth pain and suffering!

This week we have been to a couple of places on the bus, one being Southport! We havent been there for YEARS! Its changed so much now I hardly recognised it. Harry loved it there as she was able to have a good run on the beach and go digging in the sand!

The beach area used to be derilict at Southport but now its thriving as they have opened up a retail park and a leisure complex there – I didnt know the place!

Perfectly situated by the beach is the drive thru Mc Donalds where you can buy an ice cream cone for only 54p!

On the same complex there is a Pets At Home store which allows doggys in on leads 🙂 Harry loves going in there and having a good sniff around the shop. Her favourite ailses to sniff in are the guinea pig and rabbit food ailses! Plus the tropical fish aisles too! Of course no visit to Pets At Home would be complete without buying a treat for your fur baby 🙂 She is partial to the Sausage Roll Chews!

On another day this week we went to Ormskirk for the day, we actually drove through Ormskirk when we went to Southport and thought it looked like a nice town and said we’d go back to visit it. Which we did a couple of days later 🙂

Ormskirk is only a small little town but it has LOTS of shops with plenty of bargains to be found. Theres even a Market Hall with lots of shops in it and on Thursdays they have a huge open air market which we must go back and see at another time!

Theres not one but 2 pet shops which is ideal for Harry 🙂

Theres a shop called ‘Cottage Crafts’ which although has a few craft supplies in it, it isnt what I would classify as a proper craft shop as it focuses more on finished crafty gifts and greetings cards.

I was surprised to see Rennies Crafts there! Theres a Rennies in our town centre and also one in Liverpool so I was a little taken aback to find one in Ormskirk too! Right next door to a pet shop too!!

I like Rennies as it has lots of different arts and craft supplies to choose from. I treated myself to a couple of tiny blank artist canvases which are only about 3inches wide! Perfect for making mini collages on I think! Plus I got some little kits which Ive not seen before by Royal Langnickel, I went for some Scratch Art kits – or Engraving Art to name it properly! You get some scratch art card or stickers a tool in each kit which is boxed inside a cd case. Bargain at 99p each I think! Here they are below:

I like Ormskirk, theres a little park which is perfect to take Harry around, and the shops are nice, I like all the little courtyards and snickets what you can walk through to get to the shops! A couple of fresh fruit and veg shops which I like going in as you can hand pick your own stuff and dont have to buy a huge bag of 20. Lots of places to eat and some clothese shops too! I think we’ll be going back there!

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