Fish In A Pond Art

A couple of weeks ago we went to Walton Hall Gardens for a day trip just outside Warrington, within the grounds there is a gorgeous Botanical style gardens which featured a beautiful Japanese style garden within it. There where rocks, waterfalls, lillies and of course Koi swimming around inside the pond, I was fascinated by the light reflecting off the water as it looked like prisms with really interesting patterns and textures on the surface and the beauty of the fish swimming around serenly under the surface – it was amazing to look at.

I have just finished off a painting on watercolour paper which is inspired by that visit to Walton Hall Gardens, it started out as a basic sketch of a fish shape on the card and I added colour to it using varous colours of watercolours to get some nice striking colours down. I then became obsessed with drawing lines on the painting to represent all the prisms of light I saw…anyway heres the completed piece I did below:



6 thoughts on “Fish In A Pond Art

  1. Love the colour combination here Trish – so vibrant! I know exactly what you mean about having having multiple projects on the go… πŸ˜‰

  2. Love the Koi, the painting reminds me of David Hockney’s swimming pool pieces.

    Wonderful Colours

  3. David Hockney is a HUUGE inspiration of mine!! I love his artwork. I was lucky enough to see some of his pieces in the flesh at the Tate when they had a special Hockney exhibition and I fell in love with his style!

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