From The Depths Of A Dark Cupboard

Ive had to tidy out the gas cupboard this week for the gas service people who the housing association sent round, even though we dont actually have any gas they weren insistence and said they HAD TO come in and if I didn let them in they’d drag our asses to court! – flipping jobsworths!! Where are they when something goes wrong?? Sitting on their hands making up excuses!

But enough moaning cos Ive done enough of that already all week 😉

While cleaning out the dreaded cupboard it was like going back in time into a time machine cos I found loads of stuff Id forgotten about. So I guess something good came out of it!

I found a huge stash of long forgotten about books which Im going to use in my art projects – some of them are huge reference books and other simple paperbacks but they will all come in useful and it also means I can put the dreaded Elvis book to rest for a while!!!

While digging around in the dark depths I came across a couple of drawings I did when I was much, much, MUCH younger (I had more teeth and less grey hair then!) I decided to scan the pictures in and show them to you guys because I havent got much by way of recent artwork to share with you yet as they are all half finished on the floor!

As always click on the scans to see the bigger versions:

Elvis & Marilyn:

24th5.jpg 24th6.jpg

These 2 drawings are my versions of 2 art paintings I saw at the time and fell in love with, the one on the left is by Paul San Casciani who is a stained glass artist, but I cant remember the name of the other artist sadly 😦

24th4.jpg 24th3.jpg


One thought on “From The Depths Of A Dark Cupboard

  1. What great finds… I love your portraits – instantly recognisable! You made me laugh when you said less grey hair and more teeth!!!! 🙂

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