Men Tip In Pages

Im a bit behind with my swaps this month!! Its my own fault really as Ive allowed myself to become distracted with various art projects which Ive got on the go and I dont know if Im coming or going!

I should really pace myself when it comes to making art but you only live once!!! So you might as well try and cram as much as you can in!!

Make art like theres no tomorrow – make art like its going out of fashion – make art like today is your last day on earth- yep thats me alright! I get so much enjoyment out of making stuff that I dont know when to stop – some people drink alcohol, smoke or even take drugs – I make art! Its my drug and Im a self confessed addict who needs a daily art fix!

Heres the tip ins, they are for a swap where you have to make blokey style pages:




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