End Of An Era

It feels like the end of an era, yesterday I did some stamping and as usual I dragged out my trusty Elvis book to stamp on the printed pages when I realised I’d finally come to the very last page in the book! Over 550 pages are now all gone, recycled and reused in my artwork!

I bought the book originally years ago because it was cheap in a second hand shop for only 40p, its an Elvis biography by Albert Goldman or someone similar and I had all intentions of reading it as Im a bit of a closet Elvis fan but when I got it home I realised the book had a few pages missing out of it which meant it was pretty useless to read it! So instead I decided to use it in my artwork and its lasted me a long LONG time! Ive lost count of the amount of projects Ive used the book in!

And now its finally come to an end! It feels like the end of an era…..but at least I have some new books which I found in the gas cupboard to use now 😀


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