Bandana Technique Atc

While surfing through some blogs recently with the help of Google Reader I came across a technique which I loved the look of. Its called the Bandana Technique (not to be confused with bananas….) The idea is that you make a brightly coloured background, add stamped images and then doodle over the top with a white pen.

In many ways its similar to the Stazon Technique and I love the doodling part as Im an addict. I liked the technique so much I decided to feature it as an ArtBuzz Challenge – click on the link to read more about it:

Anyway I decided to give the old or should I say new technique a whirl and did a quick atc with it:



4 thoughts on “Bandana Technique Atc

  1. Hi Trish – Loving this technique! I’m going to try it in the next couple of days (gotta finish some dreaded housecleaning and reorganizing of the craft stuff today – yikes!). I’ll post my pieces on my blog by next weekend. Stop by and visit!

  2. Oooh, I must try this. Gorgeous!!!!

    I had no idea what the bandanna technique might involve but I must admit I didn’t expect it to look this good!

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  4. I’ve been doing something similar to this technique for years. Not as bold but just as fun and I feel like maybe my ideas are really more artsy than crafty. Thanks for showing me so many new techniques and for sharing so openly! Keep up the great art!

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