Bird Atcs

I can’t seem to get off this bird addiction Im on at the moment! Is anyone else addicted like me?

I made a couple of atcs using one of my favourite bird stamps – well its my only bird stamp actually! Im a fussy bugger and dont like many of the various bird designs on the market! This one is by Michelle Ward and it comes on the Clearly Impressed sheet from Stampington, something about the simplicity of this design which really appeals to me. When Ive saved up my pennies Im going to have to treat myself to some more Michelle Ward designs from Green Pepper Press!

I decided to stamp the same image  3 times on 3 different atcs and decided to make each one different with the same design. Like they do in the magazines ‘One Stamp, 3 Designs’ type of thing…

Here are my bird offerings to the art gods 🙂

Bird ATC 1 – This one was left as is, I havent touched the stamped image at all nor doodled on it (that was hard….) The background is just smooshed chalk inkpads on the card.


Bird ATC 2 – This one I decided to use a gold gel pen to add swirls within the bird shape and also outlined it too. The background is an orange and purple inkpad smooshed across the card to add instant colour.


Bird ATC 3 -This bird I decided to go dotty with the gel pen – as you can see 🙂 The background is again various dark inkpads smooshed across the card stock to make an interesting back ground, the textures you can see is from gold spray ink which I placed a sheet of plastic wrap over to add a pattern.



One thought on “Bird Atcs

  1. Yes! Yes! I’m into Crows!!!! I got new stamps and I’ve carved 3 myself now, so I think that means I’m pretty addicted!! Your ATCs rock Trish!

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