Mini House Shaped Art

Ive been doing a fair bit of blog searching recently 🙂 And on my travels Ive come across lots of gorgeous artwork featuring handmade houses! Oh some of it is drop dead gorgeous!

Theres a bit of a rage going round the swap groups for swapping these mini houses in what are called ‘Row House Swaps’ – basically you make X amount of houses and get X amount back in return to make your own row of houses (hence the name). They are usually very small – no bigger than 2″ wide and as long as 6″ in length! A bit like the little beauties swaps we are always having on our swap group….

After seeing all this gorgeous artwork I was inspired to have a go at making some house shaped art myself – as well as birds I am also going through a house phase…I must admit Im addicted to making these house shapes of art and Im even considering having a swap over on our swap group featuring them!

My houses are featured below – not exactly a row of houses; more like a whole blinking village 😀


Heres some Row House links to nosy at and get inspired – like I did!:


9 thoughts on “Mini House Shaped Art

  1. Wow!!! Love it all. Need a whole day to give justice to all this creative genius. So glad to have you back in form!!!!

  2. Trish – I think Linda’s houses are amazing… and it was her blog I took inspiration from when I joined Jeri’s recent Row House Swap. We all made 11 and there were 3 groups of us… I honestly don’t know about making 25!!
    Your houses are unbelievable – so many! They are simply stunning…. WTG, you!
    I like the idea of the bandana technique, so I must try and keep up with all your challenges!!

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