Triangle Artist Trading Cards

Did I mention that Im back into the swing with atc’s 😉 Well heres some more, with a difference!

Ive been playing around with triangle shaped atcs lately, theres something about the shape which appeals to me. I wanted to see how many different ways I could get the triangle shape involved with the atcs – Im sure theres lots more, but these are what I came up with.

First of all its important to remember that the basic ATC size is always 3.5×2.5″ – so with this in mind I set about making triangle atcs which fitted this size requirement.

Basic Triangle ATC’s:

For these atc’s I measured along the top of an atc blank to find out where the centre was, using that point I used a ruler and pencil to draw lines going from the centrepoint to each of the bottom corners of the atc to make an equal triangle sized atc as you can see below, because of how these are cut the atcs are still exactly 3.5×2.5″ in size:



Triangle Halves ATC’s:

These ones are slightly different, for these I used a ruler to draw a line across the middle of the atc at an angle to make 2 trianglular sized atcs. The beauty of making atc’s in this format is that they are still 3.5″ long so you could get away with calling them atcs! Or more to the point triangular half atcs, and they look good all on their own in this format.

But the best thing about the half triangle atcs is that the 2 different halves can be slotted together to make a complete collage style jigsaw ATC. See the diagrams below for more details.

The smaller triangle halves are featured below:




Slot the 2 small triangle halves together and they all form a complete collage style atc!




Mini Triangle Art ATC’s:

For these ATCs I used a ruler and pencil to draw different sized triangles within the atc template, I then cut them up and stamped them them all differently and added colour to them. I then arranged the mini triangles onto another atc blank to create a full sized atc with small triangles making up the complete design as you can see below:



I had a lotta fun playing around with this format!!


5 thoughts on “Triangle Artist Trading Cards

  1. No wonder we haven’t heard from you!!! These are drop dead gorgeous. I love the variety i heights – this will make a wonderful swap. I am so inspired by your work – always 10 steps ahead of the rest of us!!!!!!

  2. blimey, do you ever stop to eat? These are gorgeous. Yes please do a ‘house swap’!


  3. These are fab Trish… before you joined the mini ones, I’d have said they were triangulr Moos!!! Whatever next! 🙂

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