Bind It All Art Storage Wallet


I dont know about you, but Ive always got little art bits and pieces all over the place making the place look untidy. Inchies, offcuts, punch outs, little beauties, atc backgrounds and all kinds of bits just lying here and there waiting for me to use them. I decided I needed to tidy the place up a bit and get some kind of order with all my art bits so using the bind it all I set about making an Art Storage Wallet for all these bits.

Looking around the shops I came across some clear pvc pencil cases in Tesco for 40p each which where small & sweet and pretty tough, better still they arent too big and bulky. These could be what Im looking for I thought, while still at Tesco I came across some DL wallets too which I thought could make covers for the art wallets.

Both the pencil cases and the plastic wallets punched easily with the Bind It All and hey presto a magic art storage wallet which I can use for storing all those little fiddly bits I could never find a place for and no more losing them either!

I created a ‘Slideshow’ so you can see exactly what I mean, the url to view the slide is:

Bind It All Art Storage Wallet


5 thoughts on “Bind It All Art Storage Wallet

  1. What an excellent idea, Trish! I have some of those pencilcases lying around here somewhere too. It’s a great way for saving those little bits and bobs and you can easily find what you need. You’re a genius, thanks for this great storage solution!

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