My Space Journal Page

Ive been playing around with making backgrounds and journal doodling for the Artistic Alchemy Workshop I signed up for all week and been having the time of my life 🙂 Ive only managed to complete one page so far as Ive been having far too much fun playing!!

The page below is all about my personal art space and how I get ‘into the zone’ to create and make stuff. I dont have a garden as we live in a block of flats, theres a communual courtyard but I wouldnt go in there if you paid me cos theres too many nutjobs around here!

Inside our flat is not much better because its tiny and cramped , we’ve got too much clutter and theres simply not enough room to swing our cat 🙂 Even my art desk is piled high with junk! I darednt touch anything for fear of causing an avalanch! I supposed I could tidy it up then I could use it BUT …..Im having far too much fun creating art to do chores!!!

To find my mojo and get into the zone to make art I find I can just switch off and tune out, maybe its because Im deaf that I find it so easy to switch off and shut out the outside world and make stuff….this got me thinking about a virtual garden in my mind and since Ive been picturing this garden in my mind and I can picture it quite clearly – a gorgeous place to create and journal in!

Heres my journal page about it (click on the thumbnail):

Ive uploaded some of my work in progress pages on my flickr here: 


2 thoughts on “My Space Journal Page

  1. Trish!
    What a JUICY blog you have created for yourself!
    Yummy work, color, and great info!

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