Turquoise & Printed Paper ATCs

Im trying to get caught up on my swaps so that I can devote myself to more art journalling 🙂 So in preparation for a huge journalling session Ive made my artisting trading cards for the next 2 swaps on our swap group:)

Theme 1 which is due by the end of this month is Printed Papers – you have to use book papers or magazing or newspapers to make the atcs on, heres my offerings for this theme below:


These atc’s are for a blue and turquoise themed swap – as you can see my row houses obsession is still showing:) The blue backgrounds where created using wax crayons scribbled on with blue paint watercoloured over the top to make a resist:



7 thoughts on “Turquoise & Printed Paper ATCs

  1. P.S. the pear and flower ATCs, is that like a wash that you used? Can you share how you get that effect?

  2. The effect on the pear atcs was created by smooshing an inkpad over the top of the stamped pears, then when it was dry I used watercolour pencils to add colour to the actual pear. Then I used a white pen to highlight bits of the pear design.

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