Out Of Control Copywright Logos


At the risk of being shot down by several bloggers and online artists Im afraid I have to vent and let off some steam because this has really begun to get on my nerves now!

Do you know what really REALLY bugs me?

Its when I go to peoples blogs or websites to look at their artwork only to find a GI-BLOODY-NORMUS ugly copywright message slapped over the artwork completely obscuring the artwork and spoiling my viewing pleasure!

I mean whats the point?

The whole point of the internet in my opinion is about sharing – and slapping great big ugly copywrights onto things is spoiling it!

Imagine if ALL artwork had these flipping ugly copywrights on them? Noone would be able to see them or enjoy them!

Ok so some less than honest folks out there like to save peoples artwork and pretend its their own – LET THEM! If people are so sad and ignorant to pass someone elses work as their own – let them hang themselves with their own rope!!

Don’t get me wrong, I think that copywright logos are OK so long as they are small and discreet and not obscuring the artwork in anyway. Its those paranoid types who go all out with a 46 Arial bold typeface that get on my nerves!

If your that bothered about your artwork being stolen………..DONT UPLOAD IT!


7 thoughts on “Out Of Control Copywright Logos

  1. You’ll probably get a lot more people disagreeing with you but I just have to say:

    I totally agree with you! Those people who get so bothered about it shouldn’t be uploading their art in first place.

  2. I agree. Also what about when they slap copyright over public domain images?? See that on Flickr and Ebay quite a lot telling people how they can and cant use a public domain image, something they didn’t even create!

  3. Sometimes I do the ugly stuff *shrug*

    But for the most part I but some itty bitty text at the bottom of the wallpapers I make. Sure it can be cropped off or whatever, but what the fuck would be the use of making pretties to share if I’m paranoid about people stealing them and then don’t share them?

  4. Oh I so agree Trish.
    I don’t mind if someone wants to ‘borrow’ my work…guess it’s sort of flattering in an odd sort of way. But it would be real easy to be polite and ask, but guess we are all used to just grabbing images these days! (free non copyrite ones I mean)


  5. Oh!! Trish, I nearly fell off my chair laughing at this rant – and I agree so wholeheartedly with every word – could have been me speaking lol!!!

  6. Very well said. I’m in total agreement. As you say, if you’re bothered about it being stolen, don’t show it!
    For some people blogging is not about sharing its about being on an ego trip and used solely for promoting oneself – and a lot of those ones just produce crap anyway *LOL*

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