Stuck In An Art-less Zone

Im stuck in an Art-less Zone at the moment because the weather here in mouldy old wet England has took a turn for the worse.

All week its been nonestop rain and cold weather which of course plays havoc with my joints and my circulation and means Im currently out of Art Action – no creating for me till the weather improves Im afraid 😦 Which of course means no eye candy or uploading artwork to my blog for the time being 😦 Im having withdrawel symptoms already! Its so annoying having to be held to ransom by the seasons and the weather condidions! You wanna know why us British are always miserable? Look at our weather! Thats why!

To help eleviate my boredom and stop me from going half way up the wall or round the bend  (actually I live ON the bend) I have decided it is now finally time to start SORTING THINGS OUT!

Ive been promising myself for the best part of 2-3 years now that Im going to sort my stamps out and do you know what?? Ive always managed to come up with an excuse or a reason not to do it….well enough is enough! Time to get off my lazy arse and get sorting!

Ive tons of stamps that Ive never used and will never use if Im honest with myself, they are taking up valuable space in this tiny flat where we dont have enough room to swing our cat – I know cos Ive tried…..also with my hands being like they are these days theres certain types of stamps I can no longer use. For example those really oversized stamps, I just cant grip them at all and have no strength in my wrists to use them, same goes for photo style stamps – I cant use them either.  Im finding if I use stamps which are larger than the palm of my hand that Im in terrible pain – I know your supposed to suffer for your art but this is the limit methinks….

So its time to be brutal and sort these stamp babies out! Which I swear have been breeding on the sly cos they have multiplied, I honestly didnt have that many to start with so I dont know whats happened there……unless someone has been feeding them after midnight?? Does anyone else have that problem too?

Ive told myself if I get rid of those stamps I cant or wont use then at least I can use the cash raised to buy some new art supplies, better yet I’ll recover some space which is in extreme short supply these days because I swear the walls on this flat are slowly closing in on me and its not my imagination because the place seems to get smaller and smaller as the days go by…

You know what I really need? A special auto extension clip on space add on…it would come all neatly folded up and flat packaged and ready to hook onto side of the windows, pull a cord and hey presto it would magically open up like one of those inflatable dingys and magically transform into an extra art storage space in the blink of an eye ….anyone know where I can buy one?

4 thoughts on “Stuck In An Art-less Zone

  1. I have a storage solution idea for your stamps!

    I saw the plans for it an a pic at a scrapbook expo type thingy. The nice guy who built it was from When the Rubber Hits the Road.

    Its basically a very shallow shelf that attaches to the back of a door… from what I recall. In runs both the width and the height of the door.

    And believe me, I know about storage problems. I live an a room the size of a double car garage with somebody else. Arg…

  2. hi angela
    oh yes waaaay to short on space and very overcrowed here too-once i finish the few atc’s i now have in the works its time to organize and straighten!!-i can’t work like this any longer!!-know know about the rack to hold the stamps behind the door-don’t have one yet!! my few sit in card board boxes!! but my probem really is ……TISSUSE PAPAER??
    as for the large stamps-i finally have come down to having to step on them-not very precise somrtimes but it works
    hope you are feeeling better soon and the rain stops for ya-send it to the east coast-we need it :)tabby

  3. I’m so sorry that the weather causes you pain Trish… I’m wondering if I should get checked out myself soon… very painful arms and wrists now! Still, I hope you put some of your excess stash on Ebay or whatever so you can raise some art-supplies-funds and those stamps are sure to find a good home!
    It’ll be lovely to have you back again, inspiring us and challenging our muses!

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