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Gothic Bandana Technique ATCs

I made this pair of atcs last night using the Bandana Technique, the concept behind this technique is to use a white gel pen to draw along the lines of the actual stamped image to make the design pop out.

These atcs use 2 images from the Gothic Set, both the calligraphy wording Gothic, and the beautiful Celtic looking gothic crucifix. Both images where stamped onto book paper which I had previously sprayed with colourwash sprays.

I love using colourwash sprays to make instant brightly coloured backgrounds, I find the best way to use them so that there is minimal waste is to spray different colours on one sheet of paper, and then while that sheet is still wet place a blank sheet of paper directly over the top of the wet ink. Use your fingertips to rub all over the backside of the paper and then gently pull them apart for 2 instant beautiful coloured backgrounds which gives perfect results everytime!

Once the images where stamped I set about highlighting the images using the white gel pen and carried on till I was satisfied with the results. Next I trimmed and edged with a gold pen and affixed them onto a black atc matt to finish.

See them both below

Flights Of Fancy ATCs

Im addicted to using these new stamps of mine 🙂 As before these artist trading cards were created using the bird stamp taken from the Home Impressions Gothic Set.

I decided to make 2 of these atcs because Im a doodle addict and cant seem to stop once I get going 🙂 The paper they are stamped upon is book paper which I sprayed with colourwash sprays. I added the swirls and doodles using a white gel ink pen.

Click on the thumbnail below to view it: