Mermaid Stained Glass Art

I needed to make a mermaid themed piece of artwork for the IT Girl swap on one of my groups.

Each month we have a different IT Girl who picks the theme for the month, we all make artwork to that theme and send it to the IT Girl 🙂 june was Autumn and she picked Mermaids as her chosen theme for making artwork.

I dont have any mermaid stamps or anything at all remotely mermaid-esque in my collection so I was stuck!

I decided to download a black and white siloutte of a mermaid clip art which I found online which is what I used as the main body of the mermaid art.

I added the stained glass style background and colours using pens to add colours and shapes myself.

Despite being stuck at first Im pleased at how this turned out as I rose to the challenge! I decided to make 2 pieces of mermaid art so I could keep one for myself – call me a piggy!

Mermaid Stained Glass Art


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