Art Junkies Blog-Ezine


Ok I 100% agree with what your saying….not ANOTHER flipping blog 🙂 Sorry but I couldnt help it and here it is….

What Is Art Junkies?

Art Junkies is a Blog-Ezine dedicated to all things art and beautiful. Featuring stuff that catches my eye while surfing through blogland. The latest books, techniques, crazes, products, freebies, links, videos and just jaw droppingly inspiring!

Wanna get featured in Art Junkies?

All you have to do is submit a comment to this blog along with the website, blog or gallery link you want to be featured and I’ll come have a nosy at it and feature it.

I’ll be posting art links to stuff I find now and then so be sure to add my blog to your bookmarks!

Peeky Linky to add me is:

Art Is Good For The Soul

Trish Bee


One thought on “Art Junkies Blog-Ezine

  1. hi trish
    sounds good to me
    if you look around my blog-there are different things something may interest you-if you go waaay back there are mosaic mirrored bowling balls that i made-some beaded things and lately atc’s-if you don’t see anything you like thats fine too 🙂
    i can’t wait to see what you do post i always love to see others work
    good luck with your new venture
    enjoy your day
    many thanks

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