Fabric Paper On Tyvek Experiments

Adrienne is hosting a swap on our swap group where you have to make some artwork using fabric paper and also send some paper too! Ive never made this type of paper before, Ive read about it and filed it away in my ‘must try this one day’ part of the brain – one day has arrived and I decided to take the plunge!

To make these fabric paper backgrounds I used Tyvek – you can use cotton and muslin too but I dont have any – *sob* – so I have to use tyvek.

Basic Instructions: 

Get a sheet of tyvek or muslin or open weave cotton, place it onto some plastic (I used carrier bags), smear on el cheapo white school glue all over one side, then cover with printed tissue paper, apply another layer of glue, cover with a sheet of plain tissue paper, more glue over the top of that, then add paint or colour medium of your choice. Let air dry overnight 0 or longer and youve got yourself a lovely wrinkly sheet of colourful fabric paper.

Sources For Printed Tissue for Fabric Paper:

Printed napkins or serviettes, printed tissue papers – 7 Gypsies have a range of printed tissue papers, also check out very thin paper bags with patterns on them or paper used in florists to wrap flowers in. Any store which sells handmade gifts usually have nice paper printed bags – I’ve collected them for years – did you know you can iron the paper bags to make transfers of the patterns onto paper?

For my backgrounds I used both printed napkins and tissue papers, after reading how some members where having problems applying the colour to the final layer because the tissue paper was tearing, I decided to cut out the middleman and I mixed a little bit of acrylic paint into some pva glue and painted it onto the final layer as a glaze – less mess that way and you only need to add one final layer!

Heres my backgrounds, click on the pictures if you wanna see them bigger:

Fabric Paper On Tyvek 6

Fabric Paper On Tyvek 5

Fabric Paper On Tyvek 4

Fabric Paper On Tyvek 3

Fabric Paper On Tyvek 2

Uncoloured Fabric Paper – I like how this looked without adding additional colour to it, the colours you see are from the actual tissue and napkins:
Fabric Paper On Tyvek 1


6 thoughts on “Fabric Paper On Tyvek Experiments

  1. Hi,
    Your fabric paper sure looks better than my attempts. I read somewhere that you can stamp on tissue using waterproof ink, so that will be my next try. Really love your site and your attitude towards making art.

  2. These turned out beautifully Trish! I love the orange ones and the uncoloured where you can see all the patterns too! It’s funny isn’t it? Despite Adrienne’s recipe, there really is no ‘right’ way with this, is there?!

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