Another Place

Went to Crosby Beach yesterday to visit Antony Gormley’s ‘Another Place’ exhibition which consisits of 100 cast iron men made from a body cast of his own body dotted across the beach at Crosby at various points.

When we arrived the tide was coming in and there was something eery about how the water was lapping over the heads of the models furthest out to sea, at one point the sun started to shine and reflect on the waves and it gave the whole thing a really startling and serene ambiance.

You can see more about Another Place on the following linksies if you wanna nosy: 


One thought on “Another Place

  1. great ! Must be very nice to see it in real and to see it change with the tide.

    I also liked the green of the sea on some statues and even the little sandcastles on ones shoulder….

    thanks for sharing ! I would never have know about it if you didn’t wrote about it !!

    Inge from Belgium

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