A Fabric Paper Experiment

Ive been making some more fabric paper as Im addicted to it 🙂 I wanted to have a bit of an experiment using this clever technique to compare the finished results of these background papers on different surfaces.

For the purpose of my experiment I started off with 3 different bases to make the paper on:

Fabric Paper Base 1: Using Tyvek.

Fabric Paper Base 2: Using Muslin (thanks Rosie)

Fabric Paper Base 3: Using Art Paper from a sketchbook.

For this experiment I used the same glue, the same printed napkins, the same printed tissue paper, the same plain tissue paper and also the same yellow acrylic paint to colour the paper at the end.

Heres the finished results below:

Fabric Paper Using Tyvek:

Im so in love with the vibrancy of this technique on tyvek paper 🙂

Fabric Paper Using Tyvek

Fabric Paper Using Muslin:

As you can see theres a huge difference between the tyvek and the muslin papers. The muslin below is much more softer and the colours more gentle because they have soaked right into the fabric. Where on the tyvek above the colours are stronger because they are sitting on the surface of the tyvek because they cant soak through the surface (tyvek is waterproof)

Fabric Paper On Muslin

Fabric Paper Using ‘Art Papers’:

The following two papers where created on ordinary art paper which I tore out of one of my sketchbooks, the finished results remind me a little of the tyvek papers but the colours arent as strong because the paint actually soaks into the paper (it doesnt do this on tyvek).

Fabric Paper On Art Paper
Fabric Paper On Art Paper

Summary Of My Experiment With Fabric Paper:

I like the results of creating fabric paper on ordinary art papers and will probably make lots more of them on ordinary paper mainly because its CHEAPER – tyvek isnt as readliy available over here in the UK as it is in the USA.

Also the advantages with using paper is that you can TEAR the paper – you cant tear tyvek!! Believe me Ive tried 🙂 And I do prefer to tear my papers rather than cut these days!

The tyvek papers I’ll probably save for special collages and bigger projects where I need something extra special, I do prefer the LOOK of the tyvek papers more, mainly because the colours are so much more brighter and intense.

I’ll be making some more on muslin too as I love the overall softness of the finished results and also the fabric paper isnt as shiny from the glue as the glue has soaked into the fabric more.

I cant see me ever using the papers for anything sewing related because Im a paper, inks, paint and glue girl! Im allergic to sewing!

Before I finish this post, heres another background I did on Tyvek – this background is using all the same stuff as the other samples except for this one I didnt add any colour to the final layer because I wanted to see it in its naked form:

Fabric Paper Using Tyvek

See more about Fabric Paper on my previous post:


Also check out this page for more info:



2 thoughts on “A Fabric Paper Experiment

  1. Thanks for the link, Trish! Your papers are GORGEOUS!!!! I must try the tyvek still this way, but am liking the waterproof quality to keep the colour “in”—-how about combining areas to get stronger colour in one spot and softer in another?

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