Bandana Technique Hints & Tips


I sent these hints and tips to my swap group on making the bandana technique work as Im hosting a swap on there 🙂 I thought Id publish the same hints and tips on my blog so that visitors into blogland can share too.

What is the Bandana Technique?

Click on the following links to give you a better idea…

Basically put, the Bandana Technique is kinda like the Stamper Anonymous Stazon Technique – where you use brightly coloured inks and a white gel pen.

The difference with the Bandana Technique is that you dont use glossy card and you dont (have to) use the Stazon Inkpads.

You can use ANY method at all to make your colourful background – you can use spray inks, direct to paper techniques with dye or pigment inkpads, sponging, stippling or even simple brayering with a rainbow inkpad and a rubber brayer.

The tricks to making this technique work for you are as follows:

1. Stamp your images first – try to fill in the card area with as many different stamped images as you can, use text or collage style stamps to fill in all the little blank areas and add some detail!

2. The trick with the bandana technique is to have your black images as black as you can – so re-ink your black pads!

3. If you find your not getting as jet black a stamped image as you’d like; you can touch them up using a black
marker or gel ink pen – I do this a lot especially with the pattern stamps and collage type stamped images as its easy to touch these up with your pen. OR you can actually stamp your images with acrylic black paint if they aren’t too detailed!

4. COLOUR is important 🙂 I find that BRIGHT or DARK colours work best – dont choose pastel colours for this. You need to be heavy handed with the colour application. Embrace the colour!

5. Try to use more than 1 colour on your background – rainbow inkpads are perfect for this. 2-3 colours work best – more if you can!

6. If you cant get a very strong background colour then CHEAT a little 😉 Dont start with a white page – instead choose yellow or tan or a pastel colour card stock. This will help you a little with the colour build up.

7. Choose a good white gel pen, I personally recommend the Uniball Signo – this is ZE VERY BEST! A very close second is the Ranger White Gel Pen but the Uniball Rocks in my opinion 🙂

8. When outling the stamped images with your white gel pen try not to touch any of the black stamped outlines of the stamped images as you will only make greyed outlines rather than pure white ones.

Instead you use the white pen to outline just ‘off’ the black outlines as if you are creating a white shadow or halo around the image…

More tips when I think of em….


7 thoughts on “Bandana Technique Hints & Tips

  1. Fabulous tips. I just finished making some backgrounds for this and I now see that they probably aren’t dark and intense enough. I love doing this technique. Even using a deep red card makes this work. You don’t need to apply background ink. The black stamping looks really well against the red. I’ll try my rainbow inks. Thanks for the info.

  2. Trish,
    I love reading blogs, and techniques, what can I use as a white pen for bandana technique as these are not available here in Bali,
    Thanks Trish,I only can improve myself learning from the web, as there are no stampers here or craft classes.

  3. Trish–this turned out fabulous!! I had lost you when I lost my blogrolls about 3 times in a week!! Glad to have found your blog again!!

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