Love Life Art Board

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Love Life Art Board, originally uploaded by Trish Bee.

Ive just finishing making this painting for a friends birthday card – figured it was more interesting than a card anyways!

I used various shades of blue acrylic paint to create this board along with white and black for highlights – theres no great technique involved with this as I just paint the colours on until I like how it looks.

When I finished painting the background on the art board I decided it needed SOMETHING to finish it off…Ive been using a lot of chipboard coasters for the 12 Days of Christmas swap and Ive got blank ones all over the place at the moment so I decided to paint one of them in shades of blue to match the art board background.

It still didnt feel finished so I stamped on the words ‘Love Love’ using 2 seperate large foam stamps in white gesso – a sentiment which we should all subscribe to and live our lives by as you only get 1 πŸ˜‰

To finish the piece I outlined the words using a marker pen, affixed it to the board, outlined the beer mat and then finally added the heart shaped eyelets and white eyelets to thread a hanging cord through.

I hope she likes it!


6 thoughts on “Love Life Art Board

  1. Hi,
    If your friend doesn’t like her painting you can send it to me. I love it and my birthday is in October.LoL
    You’re right about the pens, only I got a Ranger before your advice. I also have a Permapaque which has tips like a Sharpies marker and it’s pretty white.

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