Uniball vs Ranger Pen

Im a huge fan of the Uniball Stabilo White Gel Ink Pen – I think it ROCKS! A close second is the Ranger Inksenssials as it does write on different surfaces unlike the other brands but its not WHITE enough for me.

You can see below the doodles I did to show you the difference in the whiteness between the Uniball and the Ranger pens:


See how much brighter that Signo pen is!!! It writes a lot smoother too and isnt scratchy like the Ranger pen – I hate scratchy pens!

3 thoughts on “Uniball vs Ranger Pen

  1. When my signo stopped writing, I bought the Ranger pen. I just ordered another signo. I don’t quite like the way the other pen writes.

  2. Great side by side comparison. I wanted to buy the Ranger pen after hearing such great things about it. The stamp store clerk said, ‘hold on just a sec,’ went and got the Signo and then asked me to try them both. The Signo won hands down!

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