Label Stamping Technique – Revisited

I was once asked to show someone in person how to do this technique in person because they couldnt imagine how you get all those little labels lined up so neatly – they imagined that Id peeled them all off one by one and stuck em on singly – I may be mad but I aint THAT mad 😉

For the benefit of anyone who never quite grasped this technique first time around Ive took a coupla shots with the digital camera to show the steps of how you do the transferring the labels to the card part – a picture is worth a 1000 words right?

Label Stamping Technique Instructions:

1. One sheet of labels still on the adhesive backing all stamped and ready to be transferred over onto card:


2. Slightly peel off the labels on the left most edge as seen below:


3. Flip the sheet around and fold the adhesive backing back onto itself like below:


4. Place the stickers down onto a sheet of card stock and gently pull the backing paper from behind till they have all stuck down onto the card like so:



5. Repeat steps 2 & 3 with the next row of labels:


6. Place the labels onto the card and carefully align them with the labels which youve already stuck down on the card:


7: Gently peel the backing paper from behind till all the labels have stuck down:


8. If your label sheet has more rows repeat these steps till they are all stuck down and its finished:


Finished Artwork:




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