Sticky Labels Meets The Bandana’s

I was playing around last night with my brayer and my dye inks like you do; brayering everything I could get my hands on within easy reach 🙂 As I was playing I spied a packet of sticky labels across the room and decided to brayer them too! I love labels as they are glossy and take the inks so well!

Of course having added bright colours to the sheets of sticky labels I figured Id best USE them somehow – so I stamped them using some of my favourite collage stamps which were in easy reach as Im far too lazy to go look through the drawers…before I knew it I realised I was paying a visit to a very old technique – STAMPING ON STICKY LABELS!!!

I LOVE this technique! Do you remember it? All you need is a sheet of small sticky labels, your stamps and inkpad – stamp your images randomly all over the labels and then add colour to the labels using dtp or whatever method you want. Once youve done that you peel your labels off and mount them onto card….brilliant for instant collage style art cards!

Anyways back to the labels I was working on last night, once Id stamped my images I decided to do the bandana technique using my favourite white pen 😀 Once I was happy with how it looked I transfered the labels onto black card for contrast.

You can see the latest 2 I made last night – more on the way when Ive finished them:



2 thoughts on “Sticky Labels Meets The Bandana’s

  1. Hi,
    Really interesting technique. A question. Does all the moisture of colorants and stamp pads affect the stickiness of the labels? Do you have to seal them with something?

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