Zentangle Inspired Doodles

Ive just started off a new small sketchbook which Im going to use for doodling and drawing in.

I love doodling with a pen and working in black and white as it is very striking and simple. Im also in love with the whole Zentangle style so theres a lot of influences in my doodles  from that 😉

Funnily enough Ive always doodled in this style ever since I was a small child but never gave it any second thought, it was just something I did to pass the time away. And here I am nearly 40 years later doing it all over again and this time they’ve given this style an ‘official name’.

Funny old life….

My Zentangle inspired artwork is gonna be loaded in my flickr gallery here:


2 thoughts on “Zentangle Inspired Doodles

  1. Hi,
    WOW!!! I’ve never heard of zentangles, but I really like them. I was going to ask how I could learn the technique, but I think maybe it’s a natural talent.

  2. I’ve never heard of that before either, but it is surely fun art. Very nicely done. Can you teach us or do you have to just “know” it?

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