Masking Tape Backgrounds

Welcome to number 14 in the Background Noise Series!

This one is pretty straight forward and very easy to do and it looks like old leather too!

All you need for this background is MASKING TAPE! You need the high tack variety otherwise it wont stick to your card surface very well so make sure its sticky and not that low tack stuff you can buy.

To create this background all you need to do is tear off strips from the masking tape and layer them across a sheet of card stock – it works best if you have a lot of roughly torn edges on the masking tape as it all adds to the interesting texture.

So at this stage all you need to do is tear and stick the masking tape all over the card stock till the entire surface area is covered.

Once youve done that you can add colour to your masking tape background -the best way to do that is to smoosh or sponge your colours directly from your inkpads or you can use dye re-inkers. I find dye inkpads work best for this but you can use brands like Brilliance pigment inks because you can heat set them.

Thats it! Very easy 2 step easy to create backgrounds!

Heres some examples below:


15th2.jpg 15th3.jpg15th4.jpg15th5.jpg15th6.jpg

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