****!!!! Ebay!

They have only gone and cancelled a load of auctions I had on for some unfathomable reason! They say that they breach the terms and conditions or something? Weird if you ask me cos I’ve looked and I cant see what the problem is. There was bids on them too! I’m pissed off!

Ebay were acting weird when I was uploading Christmas stamps as every time I put in the words XMAS they cancelled it saying that the word XMAS was a banned derogatory word!!!!

I don’t know if they are going to cancel the others yet because they are all listed using the same exact wordings….

Oh well at least I’ve not lost any money as it was a free listings day – just loads of time uploading them!


3 thoughts on “****!!!! Ebay!

  1. @#$%& eBay – I was bidding on one stamp, watching another. I am familiar with some reasons that a listing may breach ebay’s guidelines & can see absolutely NO reason for ebay cancelling. I do watch the ebay forums in this country and have heard of similar unfathomable cancellations. Commiserations & hope you get some sense out of them and can list those stamps again.

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