Winter Again

Its been a loooong long time since I posted anything on this blog. I figured I might as well post on here cos Im not making art at the moment and have nothing to say on my art blog. So I might as well fill this blog up with ramblings and mutterings.

So far this Winter has been my worse one healthwise on record, each year my health gets worse a little bit more than the previous year. Last year I really suffered with my hands and couldnt move my fingers at all. This year Ive now developed intense pains in my legs, hip and lower back in addition to the pains in my hands. Some days its not too bad and I can cope, other days its like hell on earth. Im in agony and the only thing I can do is keep taking the pain meds.

Im walking like an old person; just shuffling along, Im terrified of falling on the ice on the pavements and roads because I dont need anymore pain than what Im feeling already. Its so annoying as I love walking and being outdoors but if Im outside for too long in the cold I find the pain gets worse and worse.

Im trying to stay in a positive frame of mind and focusing all my energies in getting ready for Christmas and not let this pain grind me down.


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