Slippery Slope

Another freezing cold morning, these days I dread getting out of my warm duvet as I just know the cold is going to seep into my bones and hurt like crazy. Finally dragged my body out of bed and took madam down for her morning wee and sure enough the ground was icy and frosty and FREEZING….urgh! I was walking like an old person again outside as the ground was covered in black invisable ice which is lethal. Im terrified of slipping and falling. Luckily the sun was out and the ice patches soon melted and we could enjoy the winter sun. Bliss. Theres nothing like sunshine on a freezing cold winters day. Its almost perfection. Money cant buy things like that.

Also got the obligitory Christmas cards from my ‘absence family’ this morning, why cant they ever realise that Christmas cards dont really count for anything – its the other 365 days of the year which count. Instead of placing so much importance on one day of the year they should try being decent human beings all the time.


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