Finished My Book

Im not the worlds fastest reader because I find it hard to sit still and just read, especially with the pains in my legs distracting me. Anyway last night I finally finished reading Magyk Septimus Heap Book 1 by Angie Sage, it took me 6 days to read it and I LOVED it! This book is perfect for Harry Potter fans like me!

I loved this book so much that Ive just been to Amazon and bought the next 2 books in the series 🙂 Flyte Book 2 and Physik Book 3 – those should keep me quiet after Christmas when Ive read all the autobiographies Ive got for pressies 🙂

Im really enjoying catching up on some reading, especially light reading like the book Ive just read because I can lose myself in the story and forget about my troubles and aches. It helps to keep my mind active too 😉

Im now at a loose end because I want to start a new book but I dont want to start one before Christmas because I know I have some new books to read wrapped up!

Choices Choices!


One thought on “Finished My Book

  1. Hi,
    I’ve ordered the first Magyk book. I plan to share it with my youngest grandson who shares loyalty to Hogwarts and all things Fantasy.
    Be well and have a good Holiday.

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