Christmas Eve Tomorrow

I cant wait! Christmas Eve is my favourite time of the year, theres something magical about it. All the hopes and anticipation send a buzz out into the atmosphere. Its an electric feeling. I cant wait.

Have you been good or bad?


3 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Tomorrow

  1. Hi Trish,
    Happy Belated Christmas. For us in Canada, today is still a holiday, called Boxing Day. It is meant as a shopping day but we have had too much snow for anyone to go out. Anyways, I have been lurking around your various sites for a while now and just love them. Your art is awesome and your resources are incredibly informative. I began a blog 2 days ago (better late than never) and have added your as a link. I wanted to ask you if this was OK with you. If you prefer not to be one of my links, please email me. I hope you feel better soon and continue with your beautiful artistic endeavors in some shape or form. Take care, Celina

  2. Thank you for your techniques blog.Only found it recently and find it so inspiring. sorry you health is not so good. Hope you are able to do some painting.

  3. Hi, Trish
    Magyk finally arrived. We’ve had a bit of weather here – 6 feet of snow and single digit temps. Trucks carrying food and medicine couldn’t get over the mountain passes, planes were canceled, even the crosscountry buses stopped so I shouldn’t complain.
    I’ve been reading Dale Petersons bio of Jane Goodall but last night I thought I would read a little of Magyk. After 2 chapters I decided Jane would have to wait. Thanks

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