The Spoon Theory

I saw this article mentioned on a disability website I visited recently, its an article by Christine Miserandino about using ‘Spoon Theory’ to explain her experiences of living with Lupus.

Its a really insightful article which can also be applied to people with any disability or sickness and gives you good food for thought. I found it especially helpful to me  becuase I am finding it hard to learn to slow down and adapt due to fibromyalgia.


2 thoughts on “The Spoon Theory

  1. Hi, Trish
    I’ve never thought of planning my days in terms of units. I just do what I want or need to do and pay the price the next day. It will take some preplanning but I’m willing to try if I can avoid the black days.
    I ordered Flyte and Physik this morning. Our weather is better so it won’t take so long to get here. I wish someone would give the books to Peter Jackson. Wouldn’t they make great movies?

  2. HI Trish,

    I just sent a request to join your Yahoo stamp site, when I noticed the link on that page to your
    personal site… and then came to this one.

    This could not have been a more timely find for me.
    I have an appointment this month to see a doctor for rheumatoid arthritis.
    My family doc did the blood work late last year.

    The ‘Spoon Theory’ will be of great value to me in
    the days ahead.

    Then I noticed on this site photo’s of your JRT.
    Awwwwwwwwww A week ago today, I took my JRT Ginger to the vet. It was time to say goodbye.
    It’s been quite a rough week, but I know she is at peace and no longer hurting.
    Give your pup a hug for me.

    My thoughts and prayer for you Trish on the days
    you are running low on spoons.

    XO XO XO

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