Back Soon


Apologies for not updating my blogs or websites. Ongoing health issues have prevented me from spending much time online. The weather is currently very cold in the North of England, so I am hibernating in my mouse hole for the winter.

I’ll be coming out to play as soon as the sun starts shining again and the spring flowers start to bloom…..


3 thoughts on “Back Soon

  1. Be Waiting for your smiling face in the Spring.
    I know how these health issues can get to you, but keep warm.

    See you in the Spring
    Congress, AZ

  2. Trish, these pages are great, and if it does show that you were in pain, or fed up, that’s what journaling is all about. No point saying that every day is a breeze, when it isn’t. Good that you can put it into words and pictures

  3. I left a comment the last time you shared your you so called ugly pages, but I don’t see it now, so I will comment again.
    They aren’t ugly at all! I love how you are able to just express how you feel, even on those “ugly” days. Kudos to you!

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