New Art Journal Pages

Here’s some completed art journal pages Ive been working on since January. Some days Ive been feeling too ill to create so Ive not been able to do much art apart from working in my journal.

Be warned as a lot of my pages are what I call my ‘ugly pages’ – I made these when I was feeling particulary bad with my fibromyalgia syndrome and a lot of ugliness and negativity spilt out onto the pages.

On the positive side it has been very theraputic for me to do this and work through my demons 🙂

To see the full size versions just click on the ickle thumbs below:



12.jpg 11.jpg10.jpg




These 2 pages were created on VERY ugly days 🙂 Do you think it shows? I think I was going out of my mind that day and I started rambling on the page like an inmate from the movie Girl Interuppted…

1.jpg 2.jpg

13 thoughts on “New Art Journal Pages

  1. Hi Trish! Thanks for sharing your pages, especially the “ugly” ones. I think it helps to see that we all have our days. I admire your courage.
    Be well!

  2. Hi Trish, So GREAT to see some art from you again, I’ve missed that!! The ‘ugly’ pages definitely reflect your frustration clearly. All the pages are wonderful, but I especially love the page with the 3 hearts. You are always an inspiration.
    Take care and feel better SOON 😉

  3. Great to see your current art – I’m glad you are back to paper and paint, good therapy for whatever ails a person.

  4. Love the fact that you have shared these pages Trish… I don’t envy you at all. Roll on Spring when you make your come-back!
    My favourite page? 3 Hours.


  5. I’ve missed your art, but I totally understand what it’s like to be sick and have ugly days! At least created something and did not completely shut down, like I have done. I haven’t been able to “art” for 2 years now. But looking at yours, even the “ugly pages, inspire me to want to try.
    BTW your “is this the norm?” page remined me of something I did when I was really ill.
    More power to you Trish! I hope that you’ll be feeling better soon.

  6. Trish, how refreshing for me to see you working on your journal pages. You have always been one to share your talents and now to share your down days tells us how special you are.

    SPRING . . . the long wait is always worthwhile.

  7. ah, I’ve always loved your bold color/line uses 🙂

    Your “ugly” pages look like they reflected your mood well…. I hope you have happier days…

  8. awww bless hun ur art is beautiful, even the pages u call ur ugly ones, ive just read them and have Fibro and RA and understand where u r coming from….keep up the good work hun ur art is lovely , hugs tracey xx

  9. Your artwork is BEAUTIFUL, Trish . . . the “ugly” ones have so much emotion in them . . . I think a good artist communicates emotion, and that’s what you did . . . Take care . . . I’m sending thoughts of healing and comfort . . .

  10. Trish, I love all your work. Thank you for your willingness to share all that you know and love with those of us who want to learn more. Your technique section is just divine.
    Feel better!!!

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